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Mediterranean Rock Rose (Clear Fears/Lungs)

Mediterranean Rock Rose (Clear Fears/Lungs)


These delicate yellow flowers have just recently shared their message with me - one of deep SOOTHING. I have seen and noticed these flowers for years, growing wild on the fields beyond my yard. 

In addition to reaching in and soothing the soul, these yellow flowers help to clear the lungs. And any grief that may be lying there.

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    When I discovered that these soothing buds are Mediterranean Rock Rose I was amazed and excited. Rock Rose is one of Bach's signature flower essences - known for its ability to sooth fears. Experiencing the strength of this flower first hand, holding these flowers in my hand, feeling the energy from them in a bouquet I brought inside...ahh, the soothing. Yes, soothe away your fears or anything else that might be troubling your soul. 

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