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Pentas (Social/Relationship Healing)

Pentas (Social/Relationship Healing)



Pentas helps us to be comfortable with ourselves, so we may be comfortable in relationships. We find ourselves with firm boundaries, knowing who we are and where we stand, so that we may stand strong and tall in relationships and all things social. With confidence, ease, and grace.


Try with children who have difficulty understanding social cues, or teens who find themselves lost in a crowd, or perhaps acting as a "follower" as opposed to holding on to their own beliefs in social situations. As adults, this has many many uses; including repeating unhealthy patterns we may have in relationships. 

  • Details

    Pentas is a wonderfully cheerful flower, budding in clusters of small star shaped flowers on a round bush.


    This essence was made with the light pink flowers, as you see in the picture. Star shaped flowers bring a Divine guidance feel with them. 

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