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Photo Cards Full Set

Photo Cards Full Set


You can have your very own set of Beit Roga Gardens essence cards! It's like having the whole set of essences in your home, at your fingertips. Nature's support, every day, as you need it.


These 56 beautifully printed cards showcase each of Beit Roga Gardens' essences with a beautiful photo on one side, and a unique affirmation and description of that essence's energies printed on the other. With these cards, you can check in at any time to see what energy comes up to support you. You can keep a specific card next to your bed, in your pocket, or tucked in to the visor in your car, to receive the support that card offers you throughout the day.

You can use these cards with loved ones and friends to see what energies come up to support them. (Chidren LOVE to play with these cards. They know exactly what they need, and easily choose the best flower/element to support them. They can also easily and accurately choose essences for their family members, especially Mom and Dad. Try it!)


The support and energy of all of Beit Roga Gardens' essence your home.