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Pink Diascia (Heart Expression)

Pink Diascia (Heart Expression)


Pink Diascia is a lovely low lying, spreading plant with dark green leaves and these beautiful pink mouth-shaped small flowers. Heart expression, clear heart expression - that is what this beautiful plant helps us with. Do you have something from the heart that wants saying, but don't know how to express it? Are you holding in so much, but are afraid of hurting someone by using the wrong words to express yourself?


This essence encourages us to open our hearts and speak our truth, and helps us do it - with ease, and with grace.

  • Details

    A stunning plant, with long shoots covered with dark green leaves, and these delicate pink flowers adorning them, this plant will likely bring a smile to your face. She is just innocent and sweet, and yet so so wise. Trust her to show you the way to express your heart...

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