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Pink Sweet Pea (Divine Feminine)

Pink Sweet Pea (Divine Feminine)

What a feminine flower, this one! She encourages the unfurling of your feminine grace, all the while providing protection. Our feminine power is our greatest asset as women – quiet, delicate, vulnerable, powerful. 
This essence helps us to come fully into our feminine energy, while remaining under the protective shield of modesty and grace. Wonderful for budding young ladies, and women who have struggled with allowing their true feminine to shine through. (I.e. They show up in masculine energy, have a difficult time showing their vulnerability, find it a challenge to receive with grace.)
  • Details

    This flower unfurls in stages – the larger darker petal opens as a canopy of protection, under which the lighter group of petals can then bloom to show her feminine grace. (These lighter petals stay close together, protecting the feminine modesty at all times. Ours is a quiet inner strength.)
    Divine Feminine.
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