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Pink Gerber (Self Love and Nurturing)

Pink Gerber (Self Love and Nurturing)

Ahhh, the nurturer of the soul, this one. I breathe deeply just thinking of Pink Gerber. Her soft but determined energy gently helps you to open the petals of your heart and take care of yourself with unconditional love and unending generosity. 
“Do something beautiful and completely generous for yourself,” she says. And watch as your heart unfurls itself as you do so…
  • Details

    This flower was gifted to me by my Dad when he came to visit. She was in a bouquet of other flowers, including other Gerbers, but this particular one called out to me each time I passed her. This flower did not grow in Kochav HaShachar, but her essence was bottled here.
    Heart Chakra healer; encourages self nurturing and love which opens the heart to allow that love to spill over on all those around you.
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