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Society Garlic (Protection Essence)

Society Garlic (Protection Essence)

Ah…this beautiful circle of star shaped flowers is all about Protection. Physical, as she is from the garlic family, and Spiritual, as her light purple flowers reflect the Divinity in the sky. Take this essence in the Winter to protect you and your family from illness. Or take it when you are feeling vulnerable - when your energy sphere is porous and you feel you are either giving too much of your energies, or absorbing others’ energies. A great essence to empower sensitive children.
  • Details

    This flower has grass-like leaves that stay closer to the ground (around 8 inches tall), while the stems tipped with these balls of flowers can grow to be two feet tall. When you look at the beautiful copse of flowers you see the reflection of the sky.
    This plant is known to keep away mosquitoes. Try it in a spray and apply to your body or spray around a room to protect from insect bites.
    Crown Chakra connection.
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