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Stock (Accept the Now)

Stock (Accept the Now)


This plant gives us a wonderful message: Accept what is right now. 


When we accept our current reality (something which is not often an easy thing to do), we can settle down inside ourselves, feel tranquility, and a deep satisfaction with life. If we resist or fight what is right now, we find ourselves frustrated, disheartened, and full of tension from all that resistance we are putting up to pretend this is not our reality.


Let go. Accept. Ahhhhhh.... And now we can move forward with life.

  • Details

    This beautiful plant has such an incredible scent you can smell her from a ways away. This variety of Stock is single petaled (hence the thin look), and so gives off a gentle, sparse look. The essence of this plant was made in a planter where two Stocks grow - a mauve one, and a fuchsia one. 



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