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Summer Solstice Essence (Sun, Fire, Yang Energy)

Summer Solstice Essence (Sun, Fire, Yang Energy)

Capturing the Yang energy of the Summer Solstice. The idea to bottle the Sun first came to me when I saw that part of Beit Roga's garden does not get Sun in the Winter. 
And so, here is sunshine in a bottle. Feel the warmth of the Sun's rays. Feel the heat, the healing. And watch as your creativity blooms and flourishes under her strong light.
  • Details

    I captured the Sun on June 21, 2017 by putting a glass bowl of water in Beit Roga's Garden, in the full Sun. This is called an Environmental Essence - when you capture/imprint a trait of the environment in water.
    Taste this essence to taste the Sun in the middle of Winter, on a gray day, or when you just feel you need a dose of light and healing from within.
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