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Tea Rose (Venus Energy)

Tea Rose (Venus Energy)


This stunning rose has such a deep luscious scent. Ahhhh, breathe it in. The concentrated scent of a tea rose. Teaching us to enjoy all the beautiful scents, tastes, textures, and sights this world has to offer. Breathe in the succulence of life. 

A wonderful Rose for those who might find themselves reserved from truly enjoying the deep rich beauty life has to offer.

  • Details

    When I am in the plant nursery, I let my intuition guide me. Plants will call to me. This beauty of a rose - well, her beauty speaks to everyone, does it not? And her scent - her scent reminds me of my youth, when my aunt introduced me to her deep rich smell. 

    "Enjoy the beauty of life," she says. Dive right in, bury your nose deep, and let it surround you. BREATHE IT IN. Enjoy it to your core. Let it nourish your being. "Love to enjoy."

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