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Uplifting Series

Uplifting Series


This set of essences can be taken separately or all together to uplift the spirits when one is feeling down. Splendid Bindweed (Magic) opens our eyes to recognize all the magic going on around us all the time, every day. Pink Petunia (Joy) gives our whole spirit a boost, bringing a lightness and joy to chase away "Eeyore" moods. And Chicory (Hope) raises our spirits by helping us to recognize that as long as G-d is in charge, all is well and we are being taken care of. 

  • Details

    Magic and Chicory grow wild here in Israel about a month after the rainy season has ended. It is always incredible to see these cheerful flowers blooming in the dry brush, with no water source. The shock of pink (Magic) and blue (Chicory) brings magic to the otherwise gold and sand colored landscape.

    All bottles are Dosage strength, 30 ml.

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