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Yellow Rose (Soothing)

Yellow Rose (Soothing)


Ahhh, this stunning butter Yellow Rose has such a clear soft message - Soothing. In Flower Essence Consults she is often picked to be added to personalized bottles. Soothing, for all occasions, she calms the spirit, eases the soul, and brings an overall feeling of inner peace. "I can breathe deeply."

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    When I go to the nursery, I often get called by a certain plant to take her home. I will be walking by, either browsing, or seeking a specific plant. And then a particular plant or flower will catch my eye and I am hooked. This butter Yellow Rose is so captivating. And how to say no to such deep, insightful soothing? 

    Roses, in general, offer unconditional love and support, each rose, each color, in its own way. Accept the healing this wonderful yellow offers, and feel your solar plexus open up, often with an involuntary deep breath, as the body feels the release...

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