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Transformation with Flowers

In this 12 month subscription program, you will discover the miraculous world of  Beit  Roga  Gardens  flower  essences. 

Nature supports us in so many ways. Providing water for us to drink and to sustain our crops, sunshine to promote photosynthesis and to keep us warm, and the winds to clear the air and carry seeds to new destinations. These are just a few of the ways we see nature taking care of the Universe. 

Beyond the world of nature that we are all familiar with lies even more magic... magic that, once we open our eyes to it, enhances our world in infinite ways.

Transformation with Flowers:

              This program is a 12 month subscription to Beit Roga Gardens. 

        You will receive a different Beit Roga Gardens Flower Essence each month in the mail.

        When you subscribe, you will automatically be added to an exclusive Facebook group run by Devorah Harow, founder and essence maker of Beit Roga Gardens. Each month, Devorah will introduce the essence of that month, describe its unique energy, and how this essence can support you in your life. There will be posts, livestreams, and continuous support in the group. You will learn about the essences, how they are made, and more about how nature supports us.

     If you want to discover the loving support nature can provide for you, sign up now. 


     If you want to see instant healing and relaxation in your life, sign up now. 


     If you are ready to invite magic into your life, sign up now.


For the next six weeks, you can subscribe for only $18 a month. That includes 1 BRG essence bottle a month, shipped to your door, and all the education and support that you will receive online - for a whole year. No hidden fees, no extra charges. On June 10th the price will be going up. If this program calls to you, now is the time to join!



Each essence bottle contains 30ml of dosage strength flower essence. Bottles have a four year expiry date. If taken as recommended, and daily, there is enough to last about three months. Most essences are taken for around two weeks, and then as needed. (So each bottle can last a long time.)

If you would like to know more about this or any other of my products or services, simply email me at I will be happy to answer your questions. 

If you'd like a one-on-one flower essence consult, or any other healing session or product I provide, please check out the details at my online store.

With love and light, 


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