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Empowered Living

Beit Roga has streamlined her message, and in so doing, has also
streamlined her offers:
It is only through Empowered Living that we live authentically, true to self, true to G-d and our Higher Purpose, and own our Destiny. It is only through Empowered Living that we own our health, our happiness, our abundance, and what we are capable of. 
If we are living outside our power, we allow others and circumstances to dictate our lives: what we feel, how we eat, what we buy, our moods, and our ability to respond as opposed to react. 
Own your power and live in flow with ease and Grace, and your inner truth and intuition to guide you.
Peruse these offers. See what feels right for you. You are the Master of your own Healing path. Go where your intuition guides you.
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Intuitive Healing Session (in person)
A 60 minute healing session. The client lies on a treatment table, fully clothed. We start with a soft touch technique (CranioBalance) to see where tensions exist in the body. Throughout the session, I stay intuitively connected to the client's process and include various healing techniques from my vast repertoire as they arise. The result is a unique healing experience, leaving the client feeling calmer, healthier, and with a sense of greater clarity.
Click on the image to order your in-person appointment. I will be in touch with you to schedule your healing session.
Accelerated Healing 1on1 (online)
The Accelerated Healing session is a 90 minute deep dive into a specific issue that has been bothering you/your health. After a series of intake questions, we get right to the heart of the issue, via intuitive guidance, and start the healing process right away. Before the session ends you achieve clarity and healing regarding the issue at hand, and walk away with a continued healing program - including any necessary resources and support - tailored specifically for you.
Click on the image to order your online appointment. I will be in touch with you to schedule our meeting.

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Nature of Healing
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