CranioBalance Therapy Treatments (in house only)

These 45 or 60 minute treatment sessions are deeply relaxing.  The client lies in a comfortable position, fully clothed, as the therapist scans the body with gentle touch to assess areas of tension at various tissue levels.  Different soft touch techniques are applied to relieve tension points and bring the body to a higher state of health.  Increases overall state of health and well-being and awareness, and deepens relaxation potential.



Flower Essence Consultations (in house or online)

During these 60 minute sessions (the initial consult is 90 minutes), we will talk about the issues you want support with in your life. Through examining your goals and setting an intention for each month, we will choose the flowers that most support you in your journey. Then watch as the magic unfolds. Flower Essences help us to uncover our true essence. The experience of getting clear about our goals and setting an intention, along with the support of the Essences, brings about incredible change in relatively short periods of time.

We will make an Essence bottle just right for you.


Chakra Healing 1on1 (in house or online)
In this one on one healing session (60 minutes), we will delve into one (or more) of your chakras and develop a unique plan for healing/balancing/opening/exercising that chakra to bring you to greater health and understanding of your body.
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Accelerated Healing 1on1 (in house or online)
The Accelerated Healing program is for you if you are ready to step into a higher awareness and embrace your greatest dreams. You will find quick results while getting in touch with your deepest truths.
This program starts with an initial one on one consult of 90 minutes. We will discuss a unique plan for reaching your unique goals, and will get started right away. Breakthroughs and healing come quickly as we gain clarity for your unique path.
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Chakra Healing with Flowers(online)

In this eight week program, we will learn about each of the seven major chakras (energy centers) plus the thymus chakra. You will receive an essence to take to support each chakra for each of the eight weeks. Throughout the journey, I will be supporting you in a Facebook group with Livestreams, exercises, personal support, and sharings.

Email Devorah to find out dates for the next scheduled Chakra Healing program before you sign up.

Self-Relaxation Course​ (in person or online)

This six part course is a unique conglomeration of different techniques, each designed to deepen your body's ability to enter into and stay in a relaxed state.  It is an excellent choice for people who are managing stress and/or feeling tense.  This course deepens your resting state relaxation levels, allowing you to live a more relaxed every-day, manage every-day stresses more easily, and greatly increases your ability to cope with the greater challenges that come with life.  This course is offered live in an individual or group setting, and is also offered in a unique package online. 

Contact Devorah for details


Transformation With Flowers (online)

When you sign up for this unique subscription, you will receive a new Beit Roga Gardens Essence bottle each month for 12 months. Along with your essences, you will receive photo cards for each one, with a description of that essence's properties and an affirmation. As a subscriber you will gain 12 month access to my exclusive membership only Facebook group Living Aware, where I will explain the month's flower's special properties and open discussions about how it can support us. This will be a magical adventure you won't forget! Sign up, or gift this to a friend you care about, now! 

If you have any questions, contact Devorah for more information about this truly incredible experience.