CranioBalance Therapy Treatments (in house only)

These 45 or 60 minute treatment sessions are deeply relaxing.  The client lies in a comfortable position, fully clothed, as the therapist scans the body with gentle touch to assess areas of tension at various tissue levels.  Different soft touch techniques are applied to relieve tension points and bring the body to a higher state of health.  Increases overall state of health and well-being and awareness, and deepens relaxation potential.



Flower Essence Consultations (in house or online)

During these 60 minute sessions, we will talk about the issues you want support with in your life. Through examining your goals and setting an intention for each month, we will choose the flowers that most support you in your journey. And then watch as the magic unfolds. Flower Essences help bring us back to our truest form. And thus, the experience of getting clear about our goals and setting an intention, along with the support of the Essences, brings about incredible change in relatively short periods of time.

We will make an Essence bottle just right for you each month.

This is a great treament choice for those who want to bring about change in a structured and supportive environment, in a gentle and natural way.


Accelerated Healing (in house or online)

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Reflexology (for women only)

This ancient method of healing through massaging of the feet can identify and clear blockages in all areas of the body. A very relaxing massage, and a great choice for those who don't want their whole body to be touched. This treatment is excellent for providing an overall increased feeling of vitality, but also works well to treat specific health issues. Treatment time: 45 minutes.



Swedish Massage/
Deep Tissue Massage (for women only)

Come enjoy 45 or 60 minutes of complete enjoyment and relaxation! Under the hands of a trained Swedish Massage therapist, the tensions held in your muscles will be expertly and gently kneaded out, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

This massage is performed using oils, and the client is in undergarments, covered by sheets. The client's modesty is maintained at all times.

Deep Tissue Massage is the preffered technique when tensions lie deep in the soft tissues of the body. A sronger touch is used to apply appropriate pressure to relieve the tensions.


Chakra Healing with Essences

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Self-Relaxation Course​

This six part course is a unique conglomeration of different techniques, each designed to deepen your body's ability to enter into and stay in a relaxed state.  It is an excellent choice for people who are managing stress and/or feeling tense.  This course deepens your resting state relaxation levels, allowing you to live a more relaxed every-day, manage every-day stresses more easily, and greatly increases your ability to cope with the greater challenges that come with life.  This course is offered live in an individual or group setting, and is also offered in a unique package online.




Beit Roga Gardens Program

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An incredible transformational journey. For 14 months, we will meet as a group once a month. At each meeting, you will be introduced to a new essence and all participants will take the same essence over the course of the month. At the next meeting, we will share our experiences with the essence, and chart our evolution over the year.

Beit Roga Gardens Flower Essences  are made from flowers and plants here in Kochav HaShachar. Their power is potent and loving, and will be a true support to all those going through this unique journey. Besides for the monthly meetings, there is an online support group and personal contact with/support from Devorah throughout. If you are looking for something new, and support through your growth this coming year, contact Devorah for more information about this truly powerful experience.

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