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The Power of Change

Autumn is about to begin. There is a feeling of change in the air. The wind is picking up, there is a nip in the morning and evening air. The scenery is changing. Green is turning into yellow, summer flowers are dying, and fall flowers are budding. Change is all around us.

In my town, we have the exquisite and unique pleasure of living in the migration path of storks. Every year, twice a year, we see flocks and flocks of storks flying above our heads. First you hear them, then you see them. Sometimes they are flying on in formation, other times they ride a wind “tornado” and fly in circles with the wind force. Infrequently, we see them land for a wing-break. This beautiful experience is a not-so-subtle reminder: the seasons, they are a’changin’.

This phenomenon, and living in a town surrounded on all sides by breathtaking beauty and nature, lends us to be more attuned to the natural changes around us. We watch the fall birds settle in. The bats have moved on. My daughter has witnessed a falcon come to rest on her windowsill multiple times in the past week. This is a truly extraordinary event. We have lived here for almost 14 years, and regularly see these birds of prey from afar as they soar above the valley behind our house, searching keenly for prey. But never have we seen one up close, certainly not perched on my daughter’s windowsill.

We notice, too, the scenery on the mountains all around us – everything in nature is brown this time of year. Green grows only where we set up a water system. We take last glances at the brown, knowing that in a matter of weeks the rainy season will start in this part of the Mediterranean region, and G-d will slowly paint greens into the scenery until it is the dominant color around us.

Look around you. Be aware. Soak it in. Change is happening all around you. You can choose, now. Do you want to join in with nature and ride the winds of change? Or are you going to stand there and watch life pass you by?

You want to be a Calmer Mommy. The changes you want are yours for the taking. Join nature in her beautiful transitions, and transition yourself. Create the intention – what is it that you want? Make a statement. Then take the steps. Do the work. Use the opportunities G-d gives you to practice calm parenting. And watch a new you unfold before your eyes.

The changing seasons are a great time to reinvent oneself.

Transform yourself. The power to change is there for the taking.

Just do it. NOW.

With love and serenity,


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