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With the Right Friends...

With the right friends, we can do anything in this world.

When we are on our own, we can accomplish. Perhaps even all that we can accomplish if we have support. But it is ten times harder.

When we have the right friends, however… with the right friends, we can conquer the world.

With the right friends, soul friends, we are free to be free. We are free to be who we are, completely, without holding back. We are, unapologetically, nakedly, the Me we were born to be.

How is that? Well, soul friends, soul friends are the people in our lives who see us. Their soul sees our soul. Their heart connects with our heart. They love us. Accept us.


With soul friends, there is never any judgment. There may be challenge. There may be questions. But never judgment. You are who you are and they respect that, in all of its definitions and expressions. They get you.

Soul friends can be family of origin members, they can be your spouse or partner, they can be your friend from high school. Or someone you randomly met at your kid’s baseball practice. Someone you work with. Or met on the street.

They are the people you can talk to for hours, never running out of conversation that you find riveting, aspects of each other’s personalities or opinions that you find incredible – mostly because you feel the SAME exact way. Or, conversely, because their thought so thoroughly challenges you to think differently.

You pick apart life together, and then each find your way to build it back up so that it suits you. You blow widely-accepted beliefs wide open, and then redefine them for your self. You tear down boundaries and look into every crevice of certain rules to clean them out, and decide what you will live by.

These people see you, and hold you, so that you can BE and GROW and QUESTION with full support and love. When we have that, when we feel that, when we LIVE that, we can truly be anything. Everything we ever dreamed of, and beyond.

That is the power of good friends, my friend.

It is like being held in a safety net, knowing someone is there to hold you or catch you if you start to fall or go out of bounds. It, therefore, gives you the complete safety net, the complete feeling that you can test your wings, you can try the impossible, and if you fall – well, if you fall there is someone there already holding your hand and laughing with you while you dust yourself off, straighten your wings, and continue forward.

Find these friends. They are the people you will feel pulled to talk to in a crowd. People you will start a conversation with and never want to stop. Take their number. They may be with you for a few hours, days, or perhaps years or decades. Find them, hold them close, learn your lessons from them, beat your wings and fly with the support they give you, and don’t forget to say thank you.

With love,

and deep gratitude to all of my soul friends - Thank You xo,


Beit Roga News!!

Get ready for it...

....a 28 hour full immersion Calm retreat with Beit Roga at Herod's in the Dead Sea!!!!!

Mark your calendar! January 17-18 2016 we are going down to the Dead Sea to relax, recharge, and reenergize!

Have you ever dreamed of going away? To leave responsibility, work, laundry, and incessant clean-up behind? Beit Roga is planning this retreat just for you. Dream of 28 hours of calm. With the setting of the Dead Sea sun and sand, imagine meditations by the sea, Guided Imagery, Self-Relaxation Techniques, and more, led by Devorah - an experienced therapist and guide to calmer living - all at a beautiful luxury hotel in the Relaxation Capital of the world.

Sign up by the end of Chanuka and get the Early Bird's special amazing price!!!

Email Devorah for details, pricing, and to sign up now!!!! Act fast... there's a bonus for the first five women who sign up...

Bring a friend and get a further discount!

xoxo This is going to be amazing!!!

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