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Well, I am still going at a steady rate of balancing Me time and getting cleaning done in between. I am superbly proud of myself for keeping stress at bay, even with the talk of all to be done all around me. What about you? Are you managing to put in your down time? Are you taking up the Calm Wisdom challenge I posted a few weeks ago in my blog about watching your time grow as you increase your Me time? I hope you are, and I hope you are reaping the rewards :).

(If you want more tips on how to stay calm during stressful time periods, read the blogs from the past few weeks, and check out my e-guide The Pre-Pesach De-Stress Guide. You can also sign on to FB and like Beit Roga’s page to keep up with de-stress tips that I post periodically.)

On to today’s topic: Freedom. That word can mean so many things. But, as this is the month of Freedom in the Jewish calendar, and with the changes I have been feeling lately, I want to focus on one aspect of the meaning of the word.

In my group of soul-growth oriented friends, there has been a hugely felt shift in energy last week. Aspects that we felt were “stuck” in our lives, aspects that were confusing, things that were “covered” in cloud…and then, overnight, breakthroughs and light bulbs started popping up to shine light and clarity on what was previously murky. A shift into light.

That is one aspect of Freedom. And when you have experienced it, you feel the elation and pure joy and burst of energy that comes with it.

For there is nothing worse – and the confused and stuck of us can attest to this – than feeling lost. When we feel we are in a forest and can’t see the way out. When we know there is something we are supposed to understand but we can’t quite grasp it, we are not quite yet there – that is a yucky feeling. Despair can set in.

However, once you see the pattern, once you KNOW that the clouds are there temporarily and that the day will come when they will clear – then you can be in the clouds and stay a step away from despair. You know that even though you don’t yet see the light, it will come. And you know that all that is expected of you is to pray for clarity and simply be the best person you can be – walk your path with faith and knowing – and all will be revealed in time. That, my friends, that is faith. Belief. And that is the way to weather any storm. To navigate any forest. Know that all will unfold with time. Lessons are being learned. Growth is happening. You are evolving. And that takes time and sometimes stormy weather. A diamond does not become a diamond without spending years in the dark, in the cold, under pressure.

And then, one day, the energy shifts. The clouds spread open and blue sky shines through. You reach the light at the edge of the forest. You see the breakthrough. You see the light. And you feel the freedom a butterfly feels when she has finally wrestled her way out of her chrysalis.

And then - then, my friend - you fly.

That is Freedom.

With love and light,


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