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Get Me Out of Here!!!! Do you ever have your brain yelling that at you? Well, if you have a bunch of kids and a husband and a house you take care of and perhaps a career besides for professional mom to x kids, wife, professional laundry folder, chef, bathroom cleaner, homework helper, etc, etc, ad nauseum… and you don’t ever think that –

You must be a saint.

Yup, only explanation.

Hey, there’s no use denying it. We all need a break. We all deserve a break. And even if you follow all the keeping calm rules out there, and even if you take tons of ME time, and even if you go for retail fixes, and love your family to bits and are sooo happy cleaning your house (yes, there are a few of us out there), you still sometimes just need a break. It just has to happen. Laws of Mommyhood. Unless you want to reach burnout. (Don’t know what burnout looks like by you, but I picture the cartoon of the person getting electrocuted with their hair sticking up and you see through to their bones and they are frozen in scream face. Not pretty. Or it may just look like cereal for dinner even though they had it for breakfast and for lunch, with you conked out on the couch, the TV in overdrive, and laundry piled up to the ceiling. Either way, not pretty.)

I like to avoid burnout. That is why, after a week of hubby being away for work (not in the office “away”, in a different country “away”), the kids dutifully taking turns getting sick and being home, interrupted sleep for the whole week, and then a weekend of bickering and fighting (different than bickering as it involves physical bruises and not just emotional ones), I was ready to pack up. Too bad our anniversary is in a month, I told my husband while still in bed at 7 after having been woken by two half-sleeping intruders snuggling me in bed (OK, I like the warm snuggly part) at 5:15, and listening to bickering since about 6:15. Too bad we are not going on vacation TOMORROW. I think I am leaving anyway.

And I thought up this brilliant plan. As a stay-at-home Mom (love it!) and entrepreneur with an already in-house therapy practice (also love it), I don’t take advantage of my potential freedom nearly as often as I could. (OK, freedom may sound a little too generous – what I mean is, the few mornings a month that I could potentially leave my house because no one is home, I have the car, don’t have clients scheduled, and I have the energy….)

So I said to myself, Devorah, fly the coop. Go to the mall. Sit at Café Café, order a drink, work, order lunch, work, do some shopping, get a frozen yoghurt, and viola! We have a Mom mini vacation I got out of the house and had some alone time day!!! Woohooo! Great plan!

Moms and Dads and stressed out people everywhere: Take advantage of the open slots in life to change things up and be spontaneous and do something fun for yourself. You know you deserve it! You know all those people in your life who have to witness break down Mama will thank you for it! DO IT! Get out! Get that manicure! Go to the gym! Get that retail fix! Go dancing! JUST get out and go be free for a bit. Change things up! (You know this must be really important advice if this is coming from Miss Certainty, Love Being At Home and Giving and Loving All the Time. Really, that break down cartoon is following you too, huh? Let it get to you and work its magic. Powerful stuff J)

No need to belabor this point here, so we are keeping this short and sweet.

Hop on to FB to tell me what you did/do to get out. Share your fun and daring get-out-there Mommy moments with us so we can all expand our fun spectrum!


Love you guys!

With love and fun,



AT THE MALL!!!!!! Woohooo!!!!

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