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I have written before about our blueprint. The goal we were born to achieve. The Me we can be.

And I have written before about how we get there – by simply surrendering.

By realizing that we are already all we are meant to be, we simply need to open up to it.

And how do we do that? By surrendering.

By recognizing that G-d = the Universe, knows our plan – our end game. And that all that we do helps lead us there. Even if we go astray, the world will constantly realign to point us back to our path. A re-calibrating GPS.

We have free will, and therefore, we also make “mistakes”. But they are not really mistakes at all, just a more circuitous path to our end game.

When we surrender, however, when we take the path that feels right, that seems easiest to us, even though it may take more effort, the path that our whole being seems to choose to be on - then we get there faster, and with less resistance.

All this you may have heard from me before.

What you have not yet heard, however, is how much surrendering can sometimes suck.

Pardon the language.

But it is true.

Even though we know G-d knows what is best, and we don’t really want to work so hard anyway, sometimes we think that there is something out there that we are really meant to have. A work goal, a relationship, a house. And we work to get it. It seems to be where G-d and the Universe wants to take us. After all, we felt confident to set up that goal. We met that person. Or we had an opportunity to bid on that house.

And we don’t get it. So we work a bit harder, thinking there is a lesson to learn here and a bit of perseverance is what it takes. And then, after what we sense is the right amount of effort, and maybe a bit more, we stop, sit down, and sometimes – we feel like crap.

Sometimes, we can see why it was meant to be that it didn’t work out. Sometimes, we can not understand, but still feel okay, maybe even happy, knowing G-d is leading the way and everything is perfect in this moment. It IS as it should be. All is well. All will be well.

And sometimes, we can know all that…and still feel utterly sad. That is okay, too. We are human, after all. And when we think something has been put in our path because we are meant to have it, and then it turns out to not be the case, we can feel disappointed. Sad. And maybe even a bit angry.

However, the bottom line is – and it is important to always keep this in mind – that there is something to learn. The Gift Inside the Package is there. Either we already see it, or it has yet to be revealed, uncovered from layers and layers of tissue paper. But it is always true. There is always that Gift inside.

So, be with your despair. Let out the tears, the frustration, the sadness. Let it go. It is okay.

But know, always, that G-d is doing what is ULTIMATELY best for you.

So what you see as failure, a missed opportunity, or a broken heart, is really the pressure on that piece of coal that turns it into a diamond. The pressure is not comfortable. The mine is dark, and sometimes lonely. But the diamond, oh the diamond…it was worth it all.

That pressure is not hurting you in the long run - it is shaping your beauty.

So ALLOW those feelings to rise. Allow those tears to fall. Be in the moment.

And know it is the exact perfect moment, creating you as only you can be.

Meant to shine.

With love and light in this holiday season,


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