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So we all know it – we have the most rewarding job in the world. As Master Scheduler, Cook, Nurturer, Psychologist, Nurse, Baker, Toilet Trainer, BooBoo Kisser, Cleaner, Self-esteem Builder, etcetera, we are masters of juggling, multi-tasking, and are often and regularly required to “refresh” our patience, energy and endurance to fulfill the tasks expected and needed of us on a daily basis.

How do we do it?

We toil and invest ourselves endlessly, often under stressful conditions and sometimes without notice or appreciation. We make several hundred decisions, pick up socks and clean up spills, field calls from principals, make last minute changes to a carefully prepared schedule. And some of us have careers to succeed at on top of this pile of already bustling activity.

How do we do it? Well, I personally can tell you that doing it and doing it well, and calmly, are two different worlds. I have done it, but with limited patience and resources, and we all suffered. My husband was stressed trying to juggle what fell through the cracks while I was at work, issues going on in my young brood's lives went unnoticed or were not properly addressed. I was stressed with trying to manage it all, knowing we were all being taxed beyond comfortable limits. And, unfortunately, we started using yelling as a mode of communication in our home.

Years later, I am doing it, but at a whole new level. Our home runs in a different sphere. I am calm, and that calmness evens the waters throughout home and family. My husband is able to focus on work because he knows things are taken care of at home. The children are going through some challenge or change in life, and I am there with them and helping them through it. The kids are getting on my very last nerve, and I take a time out – and they urge me to – knowing Mom will come back with more energy and calmness. And I am able to give to myself and invest in my business without hassle or disruption.

We can all do our special job, being a mother. And we can all do it well. We only need to know ourselves and find the calm waters within. And then we can do it SUPERBLY, and with tremendous fulfillment.

Welcome to The Calm Mommy Blogger. My goal in writing is to share with you, a community of mothers, the secrets of serenity. A serene woman is at her best, to do what she was made to do best.

Click here to subscribe to my free e-zine and share a cup of coffee with me every Sunday morning. Read my articles to see how my personal and professional experiences have come together to create a unique toolbox, with tools to help deal with every aspect of our lives and growth as women and mothers.

Come to relax. You certainly deserve it.

I hope you come join me in this wonderful virtual community where mothers all over the globe come to get calm so they can do best what they love to do best.

Sending love and serenity,


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