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When I Don't Feel Well...

When I don’t feel well, I stop. I get into bed. It’s that simple.

I ask someone to bring me water, food, tea. And I rest.

Why? Because I have learned that if my body doesn’t feel well, I need to take care of it. So it can take care of itself. My body, just like yours, was built to heal itself. And when’s the best time to do this? At rest. Best case: sleep. But if you are not going to sleep, go to your bed. Your body has such a hard time figuring out exactly what’s wrong and getting to work fixing it if you are in activity mode. Your body wants to heal itself. All you need to provide is the opportunity, and the tools. Opportunity: sleep/rest. Tools: plenty of fluids, and good nutritious food. And a doctor or therapist, if necessary.

Listen to your body. It knows.

I am sure, though, that by now you are asking “How can I go to bed?” There are dishes to be done, someone needs to make dinner, and I was going to take the kids to the library.” Guess what? The dishes have never run away, have they? They’ll wait. Dinner, for the sake of your health, can be a healthy cereal with milk, or yogurts and crackers. If you have an older child, explain the situation and ask them to please help out. If you are really sick, call in the neighbor.

Here are some great (tried and true) strategies for getting the rest you need:

*Now’s the time to put on a video. Even though many moms are against this, I believe there is a time and a place for it. You getting better is the time. There are great educational videos – my daughter learned the ABC from the ABC Sesame Street Video when she was two. Some suggestions: Baby Einstein for babies, Sesame Street for toddlers, Caillou for 3-4 year olds.

*Set up an area with fun toys, puzzles, coloring materials, stickers, books, etc. in your room. I have an area rug that I spread out and pile the toys next to. Set up “playtime with mommy”. They play quietly while you rest :). I find that kids are more likely to behave and sit nicely when my husband and/or I are in the room with them.

*Set up playdates. For all of them, at the same time. So you get 2-3 hours of solid sleep time. The effort might be tiring, but the results worth it.

*While the kids are at school, rest! Resist the urge to clean, do errands, cook. Hire someone, if it is stressing you out.

*Have your husband or a neighbor pick up the essential groceries so you don’t have to. Try to do this in advance of absolutely needing something. That way the other person can do it when it’s convenient for them and you will not feel like you are putting them out (too much ;).

Bottom line: your family needs you. You make everything work. You got sick and you are human, so be sick. The above are ways for you to make the most of your sick time so you GET BETTER FASTER and return to your family renewed.

I forgot one more important piece of information. It is my experience (I don’t do stats, I do personal experience, but I am sure the stats are out there…) that when people accept that they are sick (with things like the flu, a bad cold, pneumonia, etc) they get healthier faster. Why? They accept G-d’s will, so the illness can run its course and leave. When we fight it, we fight what G-d is trying to do for us. (Haven’t you felt sometimes that you really need a break but you won’t take one until you get really run down, and then G-d gives you the break - by you getting sick - that you desperately needed 2 weeks ago? Yeah, so you didn’t listen. Now G-d is making you take that break. Tip: next time, listen when He whispers “rest”. ;) When we accept it, our body relaxes and starts to heal. The reverse is: what we resist persists. And for good reason. Beside for the G-d’s will part stated above, when we resist being sick and tell ourselves “I can’t be sick, I don’t have time to be sick”, your body gets all confused and instead of using its good energies to heal you, it is spinning around saying, “hey, what?” and fighting the inevitable.

So, accept. What’s the point in fighting it, really?

Make yourself tea, fill a big glass of water for your bedside table, and get into bed. Enjoy your rest, guilt free.

And feel better soon!

With love and wishes for a healthy winter,


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