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The Dead Sea

I have another article on health and taking it seriously that I wrote as a follow-up to last week’s blog, but I want to take a break from the more serious today, and focus on something more “fun”.

Why I Would Go To The Dead Sea Tomorrow is a topic that I’ve wanted to write about for a few weeks now. My Mom came around two months ago for some fun quality time. Since we try to get to the Dead Sea once or twice a year, we thought we’d try to get out there when she came. Logistics didn’t work out, but what I want to share with you are the thoughts that went through my head while I was in deliberation (this was a no-brainer for my Mom - if I could work out the logistics, it was “Dead Sea, here we come!” :).

So, my first thought was, “How fun!!!”. But since spontaneity is not the way I usually play the game, doubts started creeping up. This will be hard on my husband, should I leave the kids during their first week of school, etc. But then, leaving logistics aside, I decided to think about this in 'my health' terms. This was no longer about whether or not I could actually go, it was about whether or not I thought I should, or Would I Go If I Could.

See, when I usually go to the Dead Sea, I NEED to go. About 362 days a year I lovingly and happily spend my days and nights devoted to my family and house and my work, and sometimes, I simply NEED A BREAK. From the laundry. From the clean-up. From the needing me.

I desire time to be just me. To only think about my needs and wants and have free time and sleep in a yummy bed someone else made with sheets someone else washed. And shower without a knock on the bathroom door. And eat breakfast that someone else made with so many yummy choices and I can stay there for as long as I want and not have to share what is on my plate. I can linger with a book over my coffee and go out to the beach when and if I WANT. MY wants are first. For the WHOLE DAY. Aaaahhh. I breath deeper just writing about it!

But I go when I need the break.

Now, I tell my clients not to wait until something is broken to come and “fix” it. You come for a treatment on a regular basis, ideally, to prevent tensions from building up. Next best thing, come when something starts to hurt. Right away. The ‘not greatest’ thing…clients coming to me once something is already hurting for a while and then they have been in pain and it takes longer for them to feel better. When we buy a car, we don’t wait for it to break down or for awful black smoke to come out of the exhaust pipe to get it taken care of. We made an investment, and we take care of it. It’s called a 15,000 km tune up. To make sure everything is in good working order. All the fluids are filled up, or replaced if necessary. Any question marks get tested and taken care of. So our cars run smoothly and stay healthy. And if, for some reason, between tune ups, a problem arises? There is the fail-safe – lights show up on the dashboard alerting you to a problem. And then you go take care of it.

Shouldn’t, by clear logic and common sense, we do the same for our bodies, if not better??

There is nothing greater for us to invest in if we do not first invest in our bodies. Eat well, exercise regularly, sleep well, do things to stimulate us intellectually, laugh, play. Live balanced lives. Live calm lives. Reduce tension from our bodies on a regular basis.

So why was I hesitant to go to the Dead Sea before I needed to go?

“Aha!” (That was what I said to myself.) Opportunity knocks: practice what you preach.

And then the decision was so easy and I was so grateful for the opportunity to have that clear perspective shift in my own life in this scenario. (In other ways I do regularly take care of myself for stress repelling and reduction.)

Now: new knee-jerk reaction. Someone offers me an unexpected “tune-up”, a way to majorly de-stress and focus on my wants and fill up with positive energy, and my answer is “Hell yeah!”


With love and a push to go do the same in your life

(even if it’s a five minute coffee break),


Dead Sea 2.jpg

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