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On Intuition

Your gut is the wisest thing about you. “Why?” you ask? We’ll get back to that in a minute.

You’ll think I am making this up, but really, it’s the truth. While I was putting the finishing touches on last week’s blog, I got a phone call. From my Mom. Telling me they are staying longer than expected, and would I like to go to the Dead Sea next week? Seriously. So, in my mind, I was thinking: the response here is supposed to be “Hell, yeah!”. But it just wasn’t coming.

As you may have noticed from last week’s blog, I am a Dead Sea junky. I love the Dead Sea. I get in my car and start driving, and I already feel the calm come over me, knowing what lays ahead – clear sea, sandy beaches, hotel luxury, pampering, a massage from my best masseuse Luba. I mean, really, no need to drag me there. And after all the shifting of perspective that I had the last time, there was no should I/shouldn’t I going on.

There was just this gut feeling of...“no”.

Since I am a growth minded person, I thought perhaps my psyche was trying to foil me. I am working on balancing relaxation and work – here is the perfect opportunity. So my mind is testing me, I said to myself. Perhaps my inner self is trying to tell me no, when I should be overriding that with a yes. To prove I am reformed. This, ladies and gents, is what is called overthinking. :) I used to be The Master. I’ve worked on that over the years, and now, it only creeps up on me here and there. Case in point: this issue.

Bottom line, my gut reaction was no, and my initial overall reaction was not excited for the trip. As a follower of my gut, I was perplexed. I really ideally want to go, I should go, but my gut says “No”? And now, after checking in with it a few more times, I will admit to also being conflicted. After that initial reaction wore off, I am now able to picture myself at the Dead Sea and feel that “ahhh” that comes with it. But my heart is not into it. Why?

Now here’s where we get back to the gut being the Master of your wisdom. The Leader of your decisions. The thing to trust. Your gut is your Intuition. It is not your mind, your intellect. It is G-d’s. Our minds can only see the realm of this plane – our plans for the immediate future, what we know from the past, and what we feel in the present. G-d’s mind – well, He sees everything. He knows where I am supposed to be when where and how, to allow me to live my life to its fullest potential. He knows the future the present and the past as one unified experience. He knows that which is best for me, at all times. I don’t know why I am not supposed to go to the Dead Sea on Sunday. I just know – from faith, and also from plenty of experience – to trust my gut.

Now, there is an opportunity here for a spa day, and I intend to do spa things, and have a relaxing fun day with my Mom. Just not at the Dead Sea.

There are two big asterisks here I want you to note. The first: *our mind kicks in. Sometimes, we get this “download” from G-d, and we say, “nah, I’m not going to listen to that. That can’t be right.” I had every reason to do so now. Didn’t I just learn in so many ways to take whatever relaxing opportunities come my way? Aren’t I getting so many messages to play more, take a break more? Didn’t I just have that perspective shift a few weeks ago of grabbing those opportunities? Yes, I did. So, as this (my gut reaction) may not seem to make sense, I am set up here for an easy fall. “Forget your gut”, my mind could say. But that is not right. YOU DON’T IGNORE G-D. Really, why do we think we know better? Our MINDS know better? Our minds, our egos, try to fool us into thinking we know better. We don’t. It’s that simple.

I heard that Oprah has said if every part of you is not saying yes, don’t do it. Wise advice.

Here’s the second asterisk: *sometimes our hearts try to override us. We can say, “I really want that with my heart. How can that be wrong?”. If I want this, isn’t it what G-d wants me to want? The answer – if G-d wanted this for you, if this was RIGHT for you, your gut would be telling you YES.

So, trust the gut. It is Wisdom. It is our Divine Wisdom. It is the only wisdom we should follow.

Go with it. Even when you want the opposite, or when you think the opposite would be best.

Trust. Trust that G-d knows best. And then the rest is easy, really. Shut off your mind’s chatter. Tell your heart you are doing what is best. And go with it.

With lots of love and trusting intuition,


Post Script: It is now Saturday night and I am reviewing this blog for tomorrow’s newsletter. Over the weekend, my husband and youngest daughter have both come down with fevers and other symptoms. The two people out of the whole family who it would be hardest or impossible to leave sick at home. We would have had to cancel the trip, and I doubt there would have been a refund. Never mind the heartache of having looked forward to it all week and then have to cancel last minute! We’ll have to see about those mani/pedis I scheduled instead…

Anyway, here’s the proof. There is always a reason. We don’t always get to know what it is. Trust that it is there. Trust in G-d. He has our best in Mind.

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