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The Gift Inside the Package, A Special Holiday Edition

I spoke a few weeks ago at a Women’s League in a community in the Shomron Hills. The topic, The Gift Inside the Package. I spoke about the challenges we face in life and how to look for the lesson (read: gift) inside each package. The lesson G-d is trying to teach us, with love. If we open the box instead of carrying it as a burden on our back.

But that is not what I want to discuss now. Now, I want to write to you the thoughts that expanded in my mind last night, as I lay down to sleep.

The Gift Inside the Package. It really isn’t just for challenges, this metaphor. It is for everything in life, really. Look at all the people, the institutions, the work places. Everything, every being, every place of business that people create, and all of nature, are packages with a gift inside.

We all, everyone, have a piece of the Divine in us. A higher state of being that we can work from, love from, be from, if we only are aware of it and practice BEING from that place. Our soul. The piece of us that is G-d, which is love and mercy and kindness.

Imagine walking around in this place of awareness of this higher state. Because it is love, it only sees love in others. The higher being in you sees the higher being in all those around you. And in the fruits of their labor as well. So your kid’s school, places of business, your house, they are all, in their highest state of being, only love and giving and mercy, as they were created by someone who at their highest potential is love. The people in your life, and the people who you cross paths with in your day - see them as their highest selves. See them as all-loving. See their Divinity.

What does this world look like when we are working from our highest state, and see everyone at their highest states (even if they are not currently working from that place)? In my imagination’s eye, we float through a world like this. We are interacting with everyone’s souls, so there is only love and – floating.

Imagine going to the grocery store and coming to a sour- faced cashier. She is obviously in a bad mood, and you know that even before she opens her mouth. And when she does, and she says something curt or downright nasty – remember here, you are in your highest state – you respond with a smile and a “Have a lovely day, ma’am”. Because you saw her soul, her love. And so you easily respond with love. Imagine all of us doing this all day long. We respect and love our kid’s school, the workplace, and when we come home we see all the love that is our home. This place that shelters us in a storm, enfolds our family with a sense of security and well-being, keeps us dry from the rain, shaded from the sun, and shielded from the wind. Our home gives us so much. No matter what it looks like, or what state it is in, see its higher purpose. See how it gives to you endlessly.

What expansion of the consciousness! What a way to live!

There are different packages – babies, grandmothers, cashiers, telemarketers, your kid’s school, places of business, medical clinics, your home, car, phone. All of the packages are different. All of the gifts are the same – love, kindness, abundance, mercy. The baby’s laughter and cooing grounds us and fills us with a ridiculous joy, the grandmother’s wisdom expands our knowledge and moves us forward, the upbeat comment we give the sour-faced cashier puts a beat to our step and a dazzle to our smile. Knowing our child’s school is embracing our child and providing him with the best experience possible in a warm and loving atmosphere, that the place of business we just went into had our very best interest at heart, that the medical clinic treated us with love and wisdom and kindness. When we see our home, our car, our phone, as arbiters of love and good tidings and giving, our lives are forever changed for seeing the greatness in all things. What we see to be true becomes our truth. We only need to learn to see love everywhere, and everywhere it will be.

It is my wish today that we all now have an expansion of our consciousness and recognize and USE our ability to see everything with love, compassion, and giving. And thus this world is a better place.

Here is to a brighter world.

With love and holiday blessings,


In this holiday season, I invite everyone to see the light in each other. To view everything in its higher state – as if it is already behaving so, and so it will be. This is how we bring light into the world. By shining ours so bright it lights up every one and every thing else.

Be Divine.  Let Your Light Shine Through..jpg

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