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Coffee Time!

It's a new year! Here is a laid back blog. Sit back and enjoy! Then fill out the survey below to help Beit Roga serve YOU!

Ok Mom, go grab your coffee! I am serious. Stop reading. Go make yourself that great cup o’ Jo. Or chamomile tea. A glass of chardonnay. Or lemonade. I don’t care, whatever floats your boat. This is you and me time, so let’s celebrate it together over a good drink.

Got your drink? Great. Now take two deep breaths. Aahhhhhh. Much better.

Now, why are we doing this? I have a secret to share with you. Taking time out in your day to relax is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family.

Here’s why:

  • First, making time for YOU is good for you. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just the fact that you have told yourself that you are important enough to take time for you will make you feel good. YOU DESERVE IT. That’s a valuable lesson to teach yourself.

  • What relaxes you? What recharges you? Reading a book? Drinking a cup of coffee outside on the porch? The crossword? Surfing online? Taking a walk, perhaps? Do it. And do it often. Why? Because the more you do the things that recharge you and relax you, the more calm you will be. When we are calm we are more efficient. When we are calm, we are happier. When we are calm, things tend to roll off our backs rather than shake us. So take that time. MAKE that time. Your whole family will reap the benefits 10 times over. I dare you to try it and see for yourself.

  • If these reasons haven’t compelled you to do this, here’s a reason that will. Think about what you are teaching your kids. “Mommy is a human being just like you are, and I need some time for myself just like you do! You know how you love to sit and read a book without anyone interrupting you? You know how you love your TV time after you’ve done your homework? It makes you feel good, right? It puts you in a good mood to do something you enjoy. Mommy likes these things, too. Mommy uses her breaks to recharge so happy mommy stays happy mommy.” This is an invaluable lesson to teach your kids. You are not a robot that can just keep giving without taking, too. You are not superhuman even if you are a super mommy. This leads to the next reason.

  • You are human. That means you need rest and relaxation to be at your best. It is OK to get in order to be able to give more later. It’s not just OK, you NEED it. Even if you tell yourself you don’t, your body disagrees. Women who ignore their need to rest and ignore the tension or weariness in their bodies wind up going for help in later stages of breakdown – either disease, overuse syndromes, pain, slipped discs, you get the picture. You are human. No use denying it. Accept it and embrace that you get to have relaxation time guilt-free. I mean, how much are you going to be able to give to anyone if you are run down? Invest the time now so you don’t lose it later.

So as we finish the last sip of coffee, ponder this: Bottom line, happy mommy is easier to find when we are calm. Do it for you. Do it for your partner. Do it for your kids. Even for the dog. They will all thank you.

Sending love and serenity,


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Interactive Exercise:

I would love some feedback from my readers! I love you guys and want to serve you as best I can. Here are two questions for you. Please take a minute to complete the quick survey so I can serve you best.

Q #1 What are your biggest Calm Challenges (situations in which you find it very difficult to remain calm)? Please rank in order from most to least challenging:

a: in close relationships - spouse, partner, parents, siblings (ie where someone is testing you, when the other person is in a bad mood, etc)

b: with your young children (ie keeping your patience when repeating yourself for the 2,000th time)

c: with your teenage/older children (ie when they display attitude or disregard/disrespect)

d: at work (ie with clients, colleagues, boss, employers)

e: with your home (ie household responsibilities - cooking, cleaning, laundry)

f: your choice - fill in something not listed above that is one of your big Calm Challenges

Please be as specific as you feel necessary to accurately describe your Calm Challenges

Q #2 Would you love it if I sent you (if you are already a subscriber) or made available a free e-book with a title such as 7 Keys to Keeping Calm sharing 7 Calm Wisdom Nuggets that can change your world? Or would you not be interested? No judgement here, just looking for real feedback.

To answer this survey click here and send me a response email. Or, go to Beit Roga's facebook page to share your response. OR, click here to be taken to my contact page and send an email from there!

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! I look forward to using this information to serve you better!

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