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On Being Yourself

This has been a topic coming at me from so many different sources recently, that I felt compelled to write about it today.

Being yourself. Who are you? What is the great plan G-d put you here to follow? What is UNIQUE about you that only YOU can contribute to this world filled with billions of people, preceded by trillions more and to be followed by trillions after??

There is a UNIQUE spark in each and every one of us that is only ours. That is an incredible thought. The plan you were brought here to carry out is yours and yours only. No one else can do it like you can. Not anyone else in your family, neighborhood, or city. Not anyone in your country, continent, or hemisphere. NO BODY. PERIOD. Ever. ONLY you.

That means, then, that each and every one of us is so special and so unique. We each have a responsibility. A big one. I mean, if I am the only one who can be me, then I am the only one who can accomplish what G-d set me here to accomplish, and, if I don’t – then that unique brilliance I was created with never gets imprinted on this world.

Wow. I mean, WOW.

So many of us feel “Who are we to be brilliant? Unique? Beautiful? Successful?” Check out Marianne Williamson’s quote as she reads it out loud on you tube “Our deepest fear”

So many of us hide from the world our deepest talents, passions, ability to succeed, for fear we will seem superior, for fear we will isolate ourselves, for fear…the list can go on.

But when we look at it from the perspective of each of us being a unique snowflake, earthbound to share our gorgeous one-of-a-kind brilliance with the world, it is a DUTY to show that beauty. In Judaism there is an idea that we are all brought here to this world to bring glory to G-d’s throne. How can each and every one of us accomplish that?! By sharing with the world that unique piece only we were born with.

So, no excuses, then. No hiding behind fear. No hiding behind “If I show my beauty people will be jealous/will hate me/will think I am leaving them behind/will think I think I am superior.” We are all superior to each other and less than each other in different ways. If our goal is not to point out each other’s weaknesses, but rather, to encourage each other’s brilliance to shine, then no one will even begin to think that we are being egotistical. Rather, people will look at those of us who shine and see permission to allow themselves to shine. And that, in it of itself, is a huge gift you can give to the world. Encourage not just yourself to be beautiful, but your family, your friends, your colleagues, and even your “not friends”. It is not a competition. We are all working on the same parallel paths, no one competing with any other. Why? Because we can’t compete. To compete would mean we have the same/similar abilities but want to see who can come out first, more special, more accomplished. In our path to brilliance, however, there is no other that can shine my shine, or show my uniqueness. No competition. Just millions and millions of people looking forward on their path to greatness that is all their own. Keep the linear focus. Don’t be looking laterally, only forward. Toward your goal. Toward the greater goal – the Universal plan where things unfold in wonder as everyone shows up as their best self, not trying to be anyone else except their own SELF.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? No reason for hatred, bias, competition. Take all that out of the equation and what do you have? Billions of people inhabiting an Earth that is full of love. Billions of people showing up as their best being each and every moment to do their part in this world. Play their unique role.

Snowflakes. You. Me. Everyone.

Let the world see your brilliance.

Figure it out. What are you here to do? What flavor is your shine? WHO are you?

Leave your imprint. Do your part. Make this world a better place to live like no one else can.


I believe in you.

With love and serenity,


PS Look around you. Who do you respect? The followers? Those looking at the other guy to see what he is doing to stay popular? Or the guy who takes a stance and says something different, audacious, bold, but true. Who leaves more of an imprint on the world? Authenticity shows. It’s attractive. It draws people. It commands respect simply because someone who is focused on living authentically is not thinking about his own respect. He’s thinking about his higher purpose. He is respecting the Greater Plan. Authenticity speaks to people through its truth. It gives them permission to be true.

Why do you want to be like somebody else when YOU are so beautiful?

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