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I Have a Dream

People may wonder why, as The Calm Mommy Blogger, I talk so often about being Yourself. From my vantage point and experience, the more one is living in alignment with his true nature and calling – his Divine plan – he is calmer, happier, and more fulfilled. Bottom line.

Why is that, logistically? Well, think of the person not living life attuned to his greater wants and needs, his dreams. He is likely caught in a web of life and routine that is not fulfilling for him. He has a job, perhaps a family, and maybe even a mansion. He is likely harried, and not content, if he stopped for a minute to really think about it. But he has not gotten in touch with his deeper self. He has not thought about what makes him tick, what drives his passion. He has not claimed his dream and therefore has no higher guiding light. When one claims his dream, finds his higher goal, he is not only filled with passion to fulfill and live that goal every day, as he shapes his dream into reality. He also has a compass to guide him in his decisions and his path. His choices and next steps are made more calmly and easily now: “What will bring me closer to reaching my goal”. When that is answered, the next step is clear.

So we have clarity. We have a higher goal which in it of itself is calming since it means there is a higher plan and I am here to do my part. I was made to do this part, so I can achieve it. That is a built-in confidence booster like no other, and leads to a calm attitude = less stress. And we have a dream, so we feel lighter. Having a dream takes us above and beyond the mire of the reality of today’s work, the drudgery of routine and errands and all that – to a place that recognizes that what we have to do in our daily lives is leading us to this higher greatness. (I like to think of this when cleaning the bathroom. I mean, think about what I can be creating during that time – I can write a blog, or treat a patient, etc. But the toilets do need to be cleaned, just as one does need to take the time to launder their clothing, go to PTA meetings, etc. Sometimes these things can seem tedious. But if we recognize them and honor them as what needs to get done so I can have a comfortable meaningful life, then we do them efficiently and with a smile and then get back to work.) This is also a thought to keep us strong if we find ourselves in a job that does not reflect our dream and does not seem to be getting us closer to our higher goals. Be patient. Do what you need to do today, at the same time as you ask for opportunities that take you closer to making your dream your reality. Then grab those opportunities when they come, and take that step, that leap, closer to your dream.

So there we go. And that is without even discussing what it feels like once you get there. Once you align your life with your life’s purpose and all seems to fit just the way it should. Bumps in the road are managed more smoothly because you approach them more calmly, happily, contentedly. You are living from a stronger, more stable, loving place when you live in alignment. Fulfillment is a routine part of your existence. And you are forever moving forward, since you are in a path of dream fulfillment. You recognize that as you peel away who you are to be who you were meant to be, you get into a pattern of unfoldment – continually realizing greater potential, greater dreams, and keep moving forward toward them as the opportunities unfold.

So, now we understand why The Calm Mommy Blogger is talking about this. We make the world a calmer place, you and me. How? By getting on the I Am Living My Dream bandwagon and living a fulfilled happy life where we scream less, garner greater cooperation, hum to ourselves while we cook dinner and clean bathrooms. Where we recognize that part of our alignment with ourselves is motherhood. You were created for it. You can be That Great Mother. Not by being the great mother you see in your neighbor, your friend, or your aunt. But by being YOU. And, psst, I have a secret to share with you: you already are that great mother. It’s inside you. You only need to uncover it by aligning yourself to it. Get out from all the other things piled up on your desk that you don’t like doing, that suck your energy and passion. Avoid situations that deplete your patience and bring you home crabby to your children. Sit on the floor and play with your kids. Have a tickle time torture before bedtime tonight. Get back to the fun and you will find your dream, your passion.

With so much love,


Come join me in Ramat Bet Shemesh this Tuesday night at 8 for an hour of fun and relaxation! You will walk away with a treasure chest of calm techniques to implement into your life immediately. Come put your feet up for an hour with a cup of coffee. Let's have some fun!

See you Tuesday!

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