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So Here's What It's All About...

This is what we have been working up to these past few weeks. The crux of all this talk about masculine and feminine energy.

Here it is.

When we are putting on masks, lifting up tools, compensating, we are exhausting and depleting ourselves without knowing it. When we are not being truly authentic, we are not allowing all that is meant to come our way into our lives.

How do I mean? Well, let’s look at the first statement: When we are putting on masks, lifting up tools, compensating, we are exhausting and depleting ourselves without knowing it. How does this happen? We find ourselves, over time, learning and using patterns of behavior that help us achieve certain goals. If these goals are goals that we do not set while in tuned with our true selves, if these are goals that are perhaps set up by external expectation and beliefs that are not intrinsically ours, we are spending our time working to achieve things we do not truly identify with. If the patterns of behavior we use to achieve these goals are not expressions of our own beliefs, but rather those that we were taught or led to believe should be important to us, and are reinforced over time as the “correct” behavior, we are acting in support of the people whose beliefs we have adopted, and not in support of ourselves.

This, over time, is exhausting. The more we go on without awareness, the more this exhaustion stays in a hidden closet, slowly building up. When awareness hits, we realize how tiring this journey was, and are greatly encouraged to find our own path – the path with least resistance. When we are true to ourselves, when we travel the path of least resistance because we are basing our decisions and therefore our actions on our own beliefs, if we fill our days working towards goals that we are excited about and we believe in, we are naturally walking the path of least resistance because we are walking in the path that was laid out specifically for us. Less energy is expended, greater satisfaction and fulfillment is felt, and we are happy and loving people.

This leads us to the second statement: When we are not being truly authentic, we are not allowing all that is meant to come our way into our lives. Why? Think of it this way. You are supposed to get to point x. You start going there, but someone suggests you go first to y. On the way to y you get distracted by a street sign that points to Carvel and hop off for some quick ice cream. Then you are thirsty so you stop to get a drink at the local grocers. Now you have gone out of your way twice, so you need more fuel. You get to y, have fun there (or not) and then need to sleep because it is nighttime. You stop at a motel. In the morning you go for pancakes and then to the mall to get a new sweater so you are not wearing yesterday’s clothes today. You stop for lunch, and then find your way to x which now takes much longer because of all the other stops you have made that have taken you further from x. If you even remember that x is where you were headed in the first place...

Did you need all this other stuff? What if you had gone straight to x? You would have not only saved the time, but also all the resources spent along your detour because someone told you to go to y. And then once you got to x, you would have moved on to the next place you need to go. So you would get to where you ultimately NEED to be going (instead of where you may be told you SHOULD go) faster, more efficiently, with less loss of resources, etc. This way, you get to your ultimate endgame faster. You learn the lessons you need to learn faster. You gain your goals faster, and therefore can reach higher and higher. People who spend their time on detours may only get 1/3 of the way to their ultimate goal. Or lose resources and time along the way. It may be fun, it may not, but it was unnecessary.

You may be thinking: but what about adventure? What about all the new things that I won’t see if I don’t go to y? And that is exactly the point. All the adventure, all the things you need to learn – they are all waiting for you on your authentic and unique path. You don’t need to learn what the person who wants to go to y needs to learn. You have your own path, your own ultimate purpose and goal. The faster you learn your lessons, the more you allow exactly your path to lead you, the more you are exposed to all the miracles that are your life. And, of course, the faster you get there, the further you can go.

This is a lot. I know. But it is the truth. Your truth. If this is seeming a bit complicated, or confusing, come back and read it again tomorrow. And then a week from now. Each time you read it, some other aspect will sink in. Some sentence or phrase will grab you. You’ll see it differently. It will ring true. Your awareness gets raised, and then you integrate.

It’s a wonderful journey – your unique path. Live it.

Why spend your time here walking someone else’s path?

With love and sincerity,


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