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On Creation

On Creation, Our Uniquely Feminine Re-energizing Secret

Written on Thursday, September 10, 2015

An amazing lesson has been taught to me today pertaining to women. [And it is such perfect timing with Rosh HaShana (the Jewish New Year) coming in just a few days. In fact, now that I look at a calendar, it makes perfect sense that this came up right now. Rosh HaShana celebrates the Jewish New Year - which is also the day of Adam’s creation – the sixth day of the Seven Days of Creation. That means, as I am sitting down to write this, that yesterday was the first day of Creation 5,776 years ago.] The spirit of Creation and Creating is in the air. There is a phenomenon of Time that describes time as cyclical, ever moving on a cycle upward like a spiral. Every year is a new time, but with millions of points that are parallel in time with the years before. Different seasons, different time periods in every year, carry the same overall energy that can be felt and tapped into if we are only aware of it. (And affects us even if we are not…)

So, quite obviously, the energy of right now is Creation. The energy of next Monday and Tuesday is of rebirth of man. The highest energy exists for one to transform themselves.

But let’s stick with today.

Today is the last day that our construction crew is working indoors. After today, the drilling, the smell of plaster dust and cigarette smoke, the excitement of knowing that from 7:30 – 4:30 there are five men building my dream…that is ending today. And, while you may all assume that brings me great excitement, right now I am feeling a bit nostalgic. These are the thoughts that came into my head lying in bed this morning trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep before a hectic day. And I wondered at my reaction.

And then it all made sense. Women, in their most natural state, are creators. The men are the flash of inspiration, the beginning, and the women take that flash and turn it into a reality. We love the creative process. We are in our most natural - and therefore flowing and spiritually healthy - state when we are creating.

I have been watching and planning and shopping and producing advertisements, assembling a staff, choosing paint and tile. I have been actively creating and watching as the builders use their hands to build my dream one piece at a time for six weeks. And I have been exuberant! I have felt more energized, and ready to get up with vigor in the morning. I have felt ALIVE. Like a live wire. I can feel the excited energy moving through me, through my core, even as I write this. I have been exhilarated.

That is what being in the natural feminine process of creating is, for a woman.

When I write, I get the same feeling. When I sit and do arts and crafts with my kids, when I bake challah (special bread for the Sabbath), when I paint.

We thrive on the act of creating.

We were built for it.

So, women, here is what I have learned. The secret to our well-being and source of our energy and what brings us to ultimate fulfillment. Creating. That is our secret.

Be in creation mode. If you are feeling low, if you are bored with life, if you do not feel vitalized when you wake up in the morning, CREATE. Whatever makes you happy. Just create. Use your uniquely feminine innate re-energizing potential. Whether it is a one time soufflé or an ongoing art project. Create, and feel your energy flow again.

Be at one with your essence (=creating) . Be at one with G-d, who is the Master Creator and created us to be His vehicles for continued creation in this world.

Feel alive.


It is vitality like nothing else.

With love and excitement for this day ahead,


Me and my girls, painting the kitchen wall a beautiful purple color called Spanish Steps

Beit Roga Wellness Center

We are opening our doors this Wednesday, G-d willing!!!

And hosting an Open House on Sunday the 20th of September to thank G-d for all of this! You are all invited!


Beit Roga Wellness Center

Kochav HaShachar

Pictures are on their way...

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