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Wow. I am sitting here, in my new office, in the just-finished Wellness Center, and I am…silent.

Have you ever been at a point where so much is going on inside your heart/mind/soul that words can not even begin to form in order to describe it all?

Now I am sitting in the kitchenette of the Center while my first pot of coffee is percolating. Outside are the sounds of 65 square meters of concrete being poured by a huge yellow 100 meter long straw into the area of the patio and walkways. Incredible.

I have a stack of beautiful coupons to my left, to be given out today to the attendees of the Open House. I have bought the mezuzot (wrapped parchments with certain excerpts from the Bible to remind us that G-d is watching over us always) for the doorways and they are sitting upstairs, each one carefully wrapped. Half of the floors are washed. My phone and email keeps beeping with congratulations and well wishes from friends and neighbors.

I can not describe to you this feeling, but I will try.

I have expanded.

I think it equates to the feeling of flying, but with my feet on the ground.

Have you ever experienced this? The feeling of everything in this moment being as it should be, and not thinking or overthinking the future or the past, but just loving and living the present?

It is not to say there are no worries or fears. They are definitely hovering over here, trying to find perch. But I am not giving them ground to settle on. Instead, I am filling and surrounding myself with G-d. As Marianne Williamson says, fear only exists in the absence of love. If you have love, you can not have fear. Or, where there is G-d, which is the ultimate love, there can not be fear. So I am inviting G-d in. And so fear is hovering but can not stay. He will ultimately get the message and go.

My friends, who have been so supportive throughout, gave me two key words to keep in mind during this time. Trust, and Flow. Continue to Trust, as I have been, that all is EXACTLY as it should be, and be in a state of Flow. Allow thoughts and feelings and love and spirit to move through me. Do not close myself off to all that is. Stay open.

And so that is where I am at, right now.

To help me stay focused and grounded today, I started with prayer, and then did floral acupuncture for myself. My energies are grounded, I am calm (maybe VERY Very calm, since I am sitting here happily typing away when I am sure there are 30 or so things that need to get done in the near future). I am PRESENT.

I can not say I practiced to get here. I can not say I repeated something over and over. It was a process, that happened organically, simply by me opening up to the knowledge that I can be Present, that it is a Process, that I can Trust and Flow.

Working too hard to get these things does not work, from my experience. Rather, placing yourself in the space you want to be in, spiritually, mentally. Sending out the vibration to the world that this is where you ARE, and then one day you wake up and you are there, physically too.

With love and dream manifestation blessings to all,


Wet Cement!

Coupons and Coffee!

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