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A Thought About Certainty

Wow. Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today. Lots of high energy of massive change is in the air. Along with the Fall Equinox, those of us sensitive to the energies around us are maybe feeling weird. Like something is going on that you just can’t put your finger on, but you are sensing it nonetheless.

Change. It is definitely in the air.

We have the fact of Creation, that happened 5776 years ago two weeks ago. We have the Full Moon (or SuperMoon as this Full Moon is called due to it being at the point closest to Earth) – always a phase of high energy and of bringing potential into actualization. And the Lunar Eclipse, when the reflected sunlight seen on the moon is eradicated by the moon being totally blocked from the sun’s rays when Earth rotates directly between the two. No moonlight. And then it appears again, as if reborn. Add to that the Fall Equinox that was last week, with Fall representing a season of letting go of the old and shedding what we no longer need to carry with us…and boy, we have a LOT of cathartic energy in the air!

Jews are also, at the same time – tonight – celebrating Succot. Succot always falls out at around this time of year, and it is a week of living outdoors in temporary dwellings that we build just for this occasion. The point, in a nutshell: to recognize that all the stability we have in life is only there by the grace of G-d. Stability is, in essence, an illusion.

So, we go out of our homes, live more outdoors, spend time with our families. It is a very grounding time. Recognize what we really need in life, not what we hold as an illusion about what we need.

And so, adding this all up, if we choose to utilize all this energy, we find ourselves at a point of catharsis. What potential do we want to actualize right now? What old beliefs/views/patterns do we want to get rid of? What walls have we built for ourselves to keep certainty in place that we are willing to now take down in order to allow ourselves to expand into our greatest selves? Whatever it might be for you, now is the time to DO IT. The energy is in the air. You might already BE doing it. The energy has a way of working on you even if you are not aware of it.

What comes up for you?

For me, wow. There are walls coming down; whole ways of viewing things – important things – that have done a complete about face and are not at all what I have thought them to be for decades. Real WOW material.

It is the type of stuff that makes you want to jump for joy, run with your arms spread out wide toward the sunset, do a happy dance, sing with the freedom of it. At the same time you step into an awareness that all is not at all as it used to be and there is a new perspective to get accustomed to, world views to be repainted, and your whole universe needs to be realigned with the new you. You step outside without the walls you have built for your security and comfort and feel like you are taking risks just by walking in this new place. It is exhilarating. Freeing. And completely unsettling. But if you are moving with the inner purpose of living your best life, if you are fully aligned with following the blueprint G-d has mapped out for you, if you have surrendered to the ultimate truth and the inevitability of it, then you are in the right place. Do not fear, just keep moving forward. You can do this, without the walls. Without the old beliefs.

This is the new you. And it should be celebrated in its entirety. Trust. Trust that you are going where you need to be going. Trust that right now you are exactly where you need to be. Don’t worry over navigating tomorrow without your walls; tomorrow will come with all the clarity needed to navigate you through it. You were born to do this. Do it with grace. Do it with purpose. You will be great!

Feel the freedom. Feel the spirit rising within you. Feel the exhilaration. And celebrate!

With love and freedom,


Beit Roga News

Come for a talk about Stepping Out of the Box, the Relevance of Succot to Women this Tuesday night at 8 PM at the Succa of Beit Roga. Enjoy an evening out with friends while we talk about the secret of unbounded energy for women! For details, email me at See you there!

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