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Rain is in the Air

We are entering the rainy season here in Israel. This is an exciting time for us. Every rain is a harbinger of good tidings, raising the level of the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee, the main water source of Israel. I am sitting outside on my porch as the grey clouds are forming overhead, and the world has taken on a cloud-filtered-sunlight muted look.

We pray for rain, rain, and more rain. If it becomes necessary, we unite in days of prayer in the middle of the Winter, to beseech G-d to provide us with the necessary water to get us through the dry season. G-d has so linked the need for water with His blessing that we are constantly reminded of His grace and how we are all dependent on Him for all we have in life.

Lately, I have noticed a strange phenomenon in my house. I turn around, and there are more adults in the room. People I can speak with at eye level, or even above my eye level. I check on my kids at night, and the boy who used to take up ¼ of the bed with his small chubby frame now spreads from one end to the other in the frame of a man’s body.

I drop my daughter off at nursery, and no matter how many times I tell myself I will just drop her off and go, I am ALWAYS pulled inside to sit and play with her. I don’t know why I think I must be able to acquire the skill of drop and run. To prove to myself I can? But it is SOO much more fun to sit with her and read a story, draw a picture, or put together a puzzle, or build a picture out of little plastic mushrooms. If I try to leave quickly, instead of patting myself on the back I feel like I have let her down – but I have really let myself down.

Now is the time. There is nothing more urgent in my day than spending my time with my kids - one on one undivided attention. There is nothing more precious than that.

There is a saying that many mothers have said to me over the years, and – no offense to those who’ve said it to me – it has made me want to punch something. :) With a snap of their fingers they say, “It goes by like this (snap)!”

My response is always the same (whether or not I actually speak it out loud depends on my audience): Please don’t objectify 18 years of parenting. I stayed home with my kids when I could, I kept them home with me until most of them were three. I talked to them while still in the womb, I cared for them from the time they were a tiny embryo. I nursed them and bathed them and played with them and kissed their scraped knees. I have had my heart in my throat as I scolded them for running in the street and taught them to be wary of the dangers in life. I have sat up with them in the middle of the night and held them while they cried from nightmares or ran high fevers. I have held them while they got their shots, talking soothingly to them to distract and calm them. I have read countless stories and know most of the classics by heart. I can recite most of my kids’ favorite movies from hearing them from the front seat while driving them to and from baseball practice, school, and on family vacations.

I was there for all those moments. They did not fly by. Each one was a precious gift, as every raindrop that falls here is blessed. They didn’t turn 15 overnight. It took sweat and guts and tears and love and laughter and more patience I thought any one person could possibly have. It took difficult decisions and even more difficult implementation of punishments (I hate that part of parenting :P ). It took G-d given wisdom and guidance, prayer, more prayer...and a village.

So it may seem to some that it flies by, but to me, it is a beautiful mosaic that is pieced together one tile at a time, each moment, each tile, placed with purpose, love, and care. It is a collection of moments, each one unique, adding up to a beautiful life. It is not a snap, or a blink of an eye.

And as the rain drops start to fall, as the wind starts to blow harder bringing in the storm clouds, I feel blessed for that wind, for each drop, for each blessing of every moment that adds more blessing, color, and love to life.

We are rich. Not robbed. Gold coins stacked all around us in a memory bank of precious moments.

Love each drop. Love each moment.

Life is now.

With love and serenity,


A Collection of Blessings, One Drop at a Time...

Beit Roga News

A reader last week requested more information on what we provide at Beit Roga. We have a group of holistic practitioners offering a range of holistic therapies, yoga classes, Self-Relaxation courses, and special programs on a weekly and monthly basis. Call 02-653-7422 to find out more. Skype sessions are available for some of our services, so please ask about those if you are not local...

We look forward to seeing you here!

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