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Soul Peeps

So here is a new dilemma. Since I am not writing blogs every week, I now have a few different ideas of what to write about…each wanting its spot. Hmmm.

Although it would be the natural thing to talk about the Retreat last week (it really was just simply amazing :), there is another topic that has been flooding my brain these past few weeks, and it just wants to get expressed on paper. (I touched on this in December with “The Right Friends”, but this is so wanting to come out right now, that I am just letting it go…)

Soul Peeps.

Now, to begin to describe this.

There are two things to say by way of introduction:

1. If you are graced with the fortune of having a soul peep in your life, you will identify with what is written here intuitively and quickly. If you have not yet recognized a soul peep in your life - well, there are two things to say about that. One is that you have met them, you perhaps were as of yet unawares of such a phenomenon and therefore did not notice or grab the opportunity when presented. There is no problem here – soul peeps often come into our lives in interesting ways and if we are not on the lookout they can pass right on by. There is simply, now, an awareness being attuned on your part to take notice when someone strikes you particularly, and to delve in a bit to see what is there. So two – be on the lookout now, for they are walking around you, or sharing the same web space you are, and you have just to send out that awareness for them to come into it.

2. Soul peeps are not the same as Soul Mates. Soul mates have many similar aspects about them in your life as soul peeps do; however, they are your forever mate – whereas soul peeps may come and go as you need them at certain times in your life. Also, there is an intimacy that exists only with a soul mate that is not shared with any other soul peep, no matter how close you may be – and that is physical intimacy.

So, to the meat of the matter.

Up in Heaven, pre-birth, we are all a bunch of souls, beings of light, pure and just as we are intended to be, sitting in the rays of G-d’s presence. We come down here and take on a physical form, a name, an occupation. We build ourselves a life. Many of us get caught up in the routine and responsibility of it all. Many of us like to or are forced to take time in nature to ground ourselves, play a little, set a lighter tone. Either way, along the way, we meet people. Everywhere we go, we meet people. Some of them – perhaps even most – see the outer dressings of our lives. But some of them, a precious some of them, see the inner aspect of us that shines brightest – our light, our soul. And when you meet someone who sees that, it is the most freeing experience in the world. It is a high without definition or proportion. It is simply the fact that someone sees ME - the true essence of me, the best that I am able to be, the endless possibility and greatest heights that is my soul self – and they smile and love me for it.

Oh, the feeling of sitting with someone who sees you. It is the most elating experience - being seen. It can also be terrifying. For these are the people who, because they are seeing you as soul to soul, because they know the true power of you, these are the people who will challenge you to be the best you can be. They will challenge you to stretch when you feel content in your comfort zone. They will demand you rise because they know there is no limit to how brightly you can shine your specific light. They will see the full bright spectrum of your light – your inner rainbow – dancing with diamonds and bursting with light – and they will see all of it, giving you no quarter to restrict or restrain any of it from spilling forth.

And this will all happen quite naturally, of course. For nothing is forced with a soul peep. It is all intuitive and full of respect. Everyone is working from their best place at every moment, and so we all accept each other as we are right here, right now, as the perfect beings G-d made us. And there is no judgement. Never any judgement. Because we are all works in progress. And we should never compare our work in progress with someone else’s highlight reel (thanks, Stacey Martino, for that). So there is never any judgement. Can you imagine? How freeing is that?

You can argue, you may disagree on many things in life. But there is always a mutual respect and understanding that takes precedence. An understanding that we can be different, but that we are - mostly - very much the same. And it is this sameness, this similarity, that bonds us. It is our differences that shape us.

I like to think of this as, perhaps, a kindergarten we shared in the sky. We were all “brought up” together there, under the light of G-d. We played and frolicked and saw each other and, well, we took it all for granted because all there is there is light and acceptance and love. And when we are here, and we spot someone from that kindergarten, our hearts light up again with the memory of that joy. We are once again there, but we are here, so we get to taste Heaven, on Earth.

And so, it naturally follows, that each one of these precious soul peeps is a treasure. Unbounded, irreplaceable, and valuable beyond compare.

When you find one, hold it close. Treasure it. Allow it to shine in your life. Lean into it. Absorb the wisdom. Let it boost you to greater heights.

Imagine if all the word was filled with dancing rainbows of light, if that is how we all saw each other every day, all the time…



Be the light amidst the darkness

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This past week's First Annual Dead Sea Retreat was AMAZING! Thanks to the wonderful group of women, the warm sunshine, the luxurious hotel and spa, and an informative but relaxing program, we walked ​

​away calmer, with more tools for relaxation in our pockets, and ready for the next retreat! :) One of the most satisfying aspects for me was that the women GOT IT. They understood the real value of taking time out to rejuvenate themselves, and to delve deeper into relaxation. LOVE IT!!!! Here's to ​​the next Retreat!!! (When I mentioned next ​

​Winter, the women all said "Nah! What about May?") Keep a look out for the blurbs under the blog posts, or emails if you are a subscriber, or FB posts if you are on FB, for more information of Beit Roga Programs and the next Retreat!!!

Next Monday, February 1st, at 8PM, Beit Roga will be hosting Financial Advisor and Money Coach Debbie Sassen for a talk about taking control of your financial life - instead of it controlling you.

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To read what Debbie had to say about this past week's Retreat, click here to read her blog.


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