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Thank G-d for snuggle time.

I just went from one half-sleeping warm adorable child to another. Maybe it is the physical relaxation that comes automatically (when you let it affect you) or perhaps it was simply and purely inspiration, but when I lay down with the first child I did not know what I would be blogging about, and as I lay there, it came to me.

Today we are going to talk about physical relaxation. For months now I have been giving you hints and tools to be calmer. Or, I should say, to act/behave calmer. And they all work. But the truth is, no matter how many coffee breaks you take, no matter how much you invest in Me time, and even if you take Time Outs when necessary, if your body and mind are tense and maxed to the limit, these techniques may not be working 100% for you. If you are totally stressed and feeling overwhelmed, you may feel you need to spend over 50% of your time in Me time or Time Outs, and that you are spending little time in effective and efficient functioning. So here is the answer. Relax your body.

Now, I have touched upon this when talking, as above, about snuggle time, or about exercising, getting fresh air, and eating and drinking right.

But now we are going to talk about another, more deeply effecting solution. A practice, really. A practice of calming the body on a regular basis. Which, as we know that the body/mind/soul effect each other by way of healthy or unhealthy habits, will also lead to a more relaxed and calmer psyche.

I can say this works, as can anyone who has known me for the past decade or so, because I have done this practice myself. It is when I awoke one morning – and, I believe I was sitting in my garden, that I realized I had a veritable treasure chest of relaxation techniques that worked so well on me that I wanted to immediately start sharing them with others. And so I did. The Self Relaxation Course was born, and since then, I have many graduates of this course whom I taught in my private practice, either in groups, or privately. When I went global, it was high on my list of priorities, getting the Self Relaxation Course online, in a video series, so it could be accessible to anyone and everyone. I have been working on this for months now, and I am not waiting any longer. Today, the SRC online is launched! I could keep perfecting details, keep masterminding about launching, or I can just get it all started. And so I am.

I am so pleased to announce this launch!!!!

Self Relaxation Course logo 1.jpg

The techniques (six in all) that I teach in this video series are each unique. I have learned them along the path of nearly two decades of education – both in University and various forms of continuing education. As a Physical Therapist, as a CranioBalance Therapist, and as a student of Calm Wisdom and Mastery (that is not an official thing, as such, except for maybe the few who study this as I do, but I feel it deserves capitals anyway). They include more basic techniques that you may already be familiar with, and some deeper arts that tap into ideas you may never have heard of before. All have the potential to deeply effect your calm resting state, as I call it – the amount of calm you feel on average, when neither provoked nor sleeping. 0 is the best score, as you are calm and feel capable of dealing with whatever comes your way at all times. Pretty much nothing ruffles your feathers, and when it does, you delay reacting to respond in a calm and thought out manner when you are ready. A 5 would represent someone who gets agitated with some provocation, but can also be calm at certain times, though not consistently. A 10 is someone who is highly agitated, does not need provocation to incite irritable responses, and when provoked, well, stay clear! When they are able to be calm, it is for short periods of time, and their ability to cope with hardships is poor. They tend to be negative, a result of so much stress and continued agitation, and find it hard to break their pattern of behavior.

I remember a year when yelling seemed as common as talking in my house. When I felt stress so acutely I had a hard time being calm for regular periods of time. When my older children were able to say that the yelling was really bothering them and what is going on? and that they did not enjoy coming home to a yelling house. Now, I can pinpoint some of the patterns of behavior that I was exhibiting that were causing this highly stressed state (ie not living in the moment, but worrying about the future and harping on the past), and I can also say that working on myself – my behavior and my psyche and my physical state – have all resulted in a calmer, more controlled, much better behaved me.

I share this with you because not only can I pinpoint my negative behavior patterns, I can also recognize how and why I changed, and my transition in to the Calm being that I am. I became aware of more new self relaxation techniques around the time of being at say, a 7-8 on the calm scale (as described above), and practiced them regularly.

I would say I am now a 2-4, depending on how much sleep I have gotten, how much work I have on my plate, how heavily my kids are pushing at the limits we set for them (that seems to get my goat the most lately), and how much I remember to implement Emotional Mastery tools such as living in the present. There are times, such as during meditation, or while resting in bed, that I am easily able to feel myself at a 1. Calm still inner waters. Totally in touch with that calm place that lives inside all of us. When I feel like my body’s boundaries and the world’s boundaries are dotted lines instead of bold ones – allowing spillover and lack of limitation, leaving me feeling not just at peace with myself, but also with the Universe and all that is in it.

If this sounds good to you, whether you would rate yourself at a 4, a 7, or a 9, come check out the Self Relaxation Course at in the online store. You can also read more about it on the Treatments page.

As a special launch offer, the first 10 people to buy this course will get it at a 33% discount, and then it will go to its full price. Take advantage of it now!! Start empowering your calm self – you can start feeling results after the first technique!


With love and serenity always,


Mastering the Art of Being Calm....jpg

Special Launch Discount!!

The first ten people who buy the Self Relaxation Course online receive 33% off the regular price! Subscribers, see the special coupon code just for you in your emails! Online store:

Beit Roga Events:

In one week we will be meeting at the matnas in Beit Shemesh/RBS for the first talk (of three) SuperWoman Syndrome - Take Off the Cape!, a one hour talk about how, as women, we tend to amass responsibilities, and how to get out from under that SuperWoman cape. Monday Feb 9 at 8:00PM. Details here:

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