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On Time

Time. Why is it that is seems so elusive all the time? Why does it seem, to most of us, that there is more to do in a day than the hours allow?

Over the years, some interesting information and ideas vis-a-vis time have come across my notice and grabbed my attention, and I’d like to talk about them here.

“Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.”

--Albert Einstein

Time, then, is an awareness of our consciousness. It is not tangible, able to be held, blocked, stopped, or paused. It can not be fast-forwarded or rewound; only an illusion of such things happens to us, on occasion, based on our thoughts.

Why is it, then, that some people seem to have all the time they need to get things done, while others are always panting, trying to keep up?

From my study of human behavior and great things I have heard said by great people, I have the following conclusions:

1. Those who live in the present moment get more done with their time.

"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

--Albert Einstein

People who are letting their consciousness be distracted by the moments of the past and the worries or to-do lists of the future, are, by definition, not living fully in the present. That means, they are not valuing the time they have NOW, and it eludes them. When we are fully focused on the NOW, we are making the most of time, and time expands for us. Because it is our full focus, and because – as we have already said - time is an awareness of our consciousness, time literally opens and stretches under the respect we are affording her. And we find ourselves getting more done, and with more satisfaction, as we gave it our full attention and effort. We are also getting it done at a higher quality than if our mind was distracted, or if we felt rushed as if this moment was going to escape us at any moment. Respect time, respect the now, and watch as time unfolds slowly before you.

2. Know what you need to do. Have a goal. Long term, and short term. Know where you are headed in life, and then this month, and then this week.* Then figure out what you need to do today to get to that goal. This is not the same as having a written to-do list. You may write it down, if you’d like, or just have a mental list in your mind (which lends itself to greater mental acuity, anyway). Let it be the background of your mind, the backdrop (in a non-urgent way). This is what I know I need to get done. Go about your day and fit these things in where they fit naturally. If you see you are not getting to enough items, MAKE the time to do them. What do I mean? I mean, block off other distractions or move things that are not urgent for now, and get it done. Make an easier dinner and use the extra 15 minutes wisely. Send the kids on an errand or to the park for 20 minutes and knock some items quickly off your list. Without stress, without worry. Be creative. It is amazing what new ideas we can come up with if we open our minds to living fully in the present, with our best interests as our priority.

* You can set up a monthly goal chart. Take a blank piece of paper, or a calendar page for this month (solar or lunar – your choice), and write your goal at the top of it. Then you can fill in goals for each week. That way, when you wake up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night, you intrinsically know what you need to do that day to get you closer to your goal. It is both mind-clearing and freeing to have goals and a plan. You wake up with passion and excitement as you know what you need to do, where you are headed, and have the satisfaction and fulfillment of getting closer to your ultimate goal of the month.

3. Distractions will come up. Unless you live alone, without a phone, neighbors, internet, and physical needs, you will have distraction and issues that require/appear to require immediate attention popping up. If you are a mother with a bunch of kids at home and an active neighborhood, you will have these all the time. :) Choose your distractions wisely. What I mean by that is – don’t let every distraction fool you into immediate action, thus taking you away from what you are focused on. You have a choice of how you act or react. Obviously, if this is an emergency of the real kind (the presence of blood, broken bones, toddler with scissors in hand ready to cut their own hair, or an oil spill in the middle of the kitchen), you get up and deal with the situation pronto. If this is any other kind of emergency (“Mom! Brian is looking at me!” “Mom! I can’t find my favorite sweater!” “Mom, the cat is eating my fishstick!”), or some other form of distraction (doorbell ringing, phone call, ping on FB letting you know someone liked your status), you can CHOOSE to respond to the distraction, or let it go, finishing your task, and then dealing with it. Make smart CHOICES. Recognize you have the power to make those choices. Do not allow yourself to move from one distraction to another all day long, only to find it is 11 PM and you got one thing done on your list of things to get to that day. This way of life is exhausting and mentally draining. You will always feel like you are running, and behind the eight ball. Get in front of it. Choose wisely.

So, at this time of year, with Spring upon us at last (woooohooooo!!! Yippeeeeeee! I feel it in my blood), we can learn to make the most of our time. We can slow time down. Live in the present, know what you want to accomplish, and stabilize your timetable by avoiding unnecessary distractions.

(Oooooh! I love this topic!)

Now, get to it!!!

With love and Spring fever,


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