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Here We Stand

Over two thirds of Winter have passed us by. We can smell Spring, feel it in the air, see it in the buds and the greenery all around us. The trees are showing small nubs where new branches will form, bushes are re-greening after a brown Winter break, flowers are in bloom in the wild and in gardens all over the neighborhood. The rose bushes are coming back to life. Spring!

You can feel it everywhere.

And if you are really in tuned with your body and nature, you can feel it in yourself as well. Perhaps over Winter you felt your energies were hibernating some? You felt yourself focused more “inward”… quiet, perhaps. You yearned for or actually grabbed extra sleep as it called you. Pace of life slowed down a bit.

This is the energy of Winter. We go into a more quiet, settled mode, storing up our big energies for when the days get longer, the sun stronger, and the energies of new beginnings come into light. Winter was the storing up for all that – the fattening season. The season where the seedlings in the cold dark earth “do their thing”, getting ready for their big show in the Spring. Their big show will take lots of energy for them – growing up through the packed earth, shooting a young sprout out to the surface to reach the sunlight and grow and then bloom with leaves and flowers.

So, we store up. That is what Winter is for.

And, so, if you are in tuned with this energy, your body may be showing signs of excitement. It can taste the almost-reaching out of that stem from the seedling. It can feel the vibrations of the earth shift as the seedlings are almost to bursting with their stored energy. And that vibration sends a tingling through us. The expectancy. The waiting to see what will come of that energy. To await the beauty that is sure to capture the sunlight and dazzle in its openness as it takes the energy stored so patiently and utilizes it to be its best and most beautiful self.

This is Spring. Lushness, sunshine. All things green and colorful. The palette of the world expands from the deep hues of brown and green that dominated Winter. Now, all of the colors of the rainbow can begin to be spotted here and there. And all the many shades of green…I love it!

Feel the energy shifting. Feel your body responding. Feel the awakening of the earth, of all things that grow. For you are one of those things. You are part of nature, and nature is your course. Natural growth, change, Spring-time. The change of the seasons don’t just happen around us, they happen within us. Wake up to it. Feel it happening…

Oh, it feels like bubbles rising in a hot spring! Excitement, vitality, and newness!

And this is just the first whiff of it…

So if dark days of Winter come again before his time is over for this season, if grey hovers overhead and you feel like snuggling up in your jammies and burrowing under the covers one more time…go with it! Go with nature! It feels wonderful.

And Spring is just around the corner. And then we will all put on our colorful robes and flowing skirts and go out barefoot in the sun and dance and sing on the grass as growth and newness overtake nature and all that is us and surrounds us.

With love and Season’s blessings,


Woopwoop! We are feeling Springtime at Beit Roga!!

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